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Organic debate: Is it healthier?

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This question has caused quite a stir in the media. Some recent studies say there is no significant nutritional difference between organic foods and conventional foods. Others would argue that all the unnatural chemicals we use on conventional foods can be dangerous for human consumption. So what is really going on? Is it better to eat organic? Or is it a scam? We plan to ask this question to the local Ithaca, NY area and hopefully get answers by making a documentary film. Click on the About Our Film tab for details.  There’s much more coming.  Make sure to stay tuned.

The human eye can’t detect the amount of pesticides on foods. These are colorful vegetables that were conventionally grown.

Is organic worth the extra cash?

Produce makes up the largest percentage of organic food purchases. We are focusing our documentary on organic produce.

The process to become a certified organic farmer can be expensive and lengthy, making it tough for small farms to get certified.


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