KD Rough Edge Productions

Production Team


Danielle Torres is a Senior Journalism major at Ithaca College. Most recently, she interned with NBC Sports as a logger in London for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. In addition to a degree in journalism, Danielle is pursing a minor in environmental studies. © Danielle Torres 2011.




Kari Beal has a passion for health reporting. She’s a health columnist for The Ithacan and does freelance writing for healthguru.com. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at Ithaca College with a minor in health.





Kari Beal and Danielle Torres are senior journalism majors enrolled in a documentary journalism workshop course at Ithaca College. This workshop counts toward completion of a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism degree. Both students have had experience working in various multimedia platforms ranging from print to video. The students found the rising trend of increased organic produce purchases over the last decade a compelling topic that complemented their disciplines in environmental studies and health. Danielle’s interest in sustainable practices and Kari’s interest in human nutrition led the students to investigate the consumer perspective. From the people that they spoke to it was revealed that consumers’ perceived notions about organic produce caused them to make assumptions about nutritional value. This led the students to ask and seek the answer to a critical question: Is buying organic produce healthier?

Danielle and Kari driving a tractor

Danielle and Silver Queen Farm Co-owner


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