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On September 4, 2012, the Annals of Internal Medicine published a study from Stanford University comparing the nutrient value and safety of organic and non-organic produce. The results seemed somewhat controversial:

“Despite the widespread perception that organically produced foods are more nutritious than conventional alternatives, we did not find robust evidence supporting this perception.”

It is a common belief that organic foods are more nutritious and therefore healthier, however there is a lack of evidence to back this up.

This led us to further explore the topic of organic foods versus conventional. As we did so, we noticed some interesting changes in the organic industry. For example, as shown in this chart, the organic industry started among small local farmers and now is mostly controlled by Big Businesses like Heitz, Cargil and General Mills. These are businesses who also make genetically modified foods with synthesized chemicals.

These food companies lobbied to get additional chemicals permitted in organic foods. The number of non organic chemicals allowed in organic foods has tripled in the last decade. Private organic farms like Eden Foods, see Big Business organics as a threat to the quality of such foods.

Non-Organic Chemicals Graph

Botanical pesticides are allowed on organic foods, such as rotenone. One study showed seven sprays of the botanical pesticide rotenone would need to be administered to equal two sprays of the synthesized pesticide imidan. This is especially worrisome because people say they buy organic because they believe it’s healthier and want to avoid pesticides.


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